Miguel Cabrera Gets Cozy With Mariners Fan’s Beard

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

During the Seattle Mariners’ 7-5 win over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night at Safeco Field, a routine foul ball floated down the first-base line area. First baseman Miguel Cabrera glided over while unsuspecting fans were trying to locate the ball and made a move not seen since the Brandon Marshall-Ryan Fitzpatrick grab of 2016, when only a magical beard pull could distract the world from the impending New York Jets crumble.

Followed by the in-love fan turning around in a what’s-up manner, simply loving life.


This wonderful fondle just couldn’t be helped. But it’s eerily/hilariously reminiscent of Prince Fielder’s nacho chip grab back in 2013, when he was coincidentally also on the fun-having Tigers..

Forget basebrawls, this is the wackiness baseball needs more of.

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