Mindaugas Kuzminskas Making a Name For Himself in New York

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Fresh off a career-high 19 points in a 104-89 win against the Chicago Bulls, Knicks Forward Mindaugas Kuzminskas continues to pad his NBA resume and make a name for himself in the Big Apple. But in the city regularly referred to as “the city,” it’s about time Kuz starts looking for side jobs to help build his legacy.


Photo of Kuzminskas and Carmelo Anthony. (Pic: <a href="http://www.newsday.com/">Newsday</a>)
Shot of Kuzminskas debating his next side project. (Pic: Newsday)


Well, thankfully for Koozie, we did the legwork here and came up with the perfect opportunity for Mindaugas. Similar to Victor Oladipo and his “Home Oladipo” connection, Kuzminskas seems ready for a Koozie company – KOOZIE-MINSKAS.com (and it’s not taken yet, we checked!).


Kuzminskas Koozie meme.
Nothing holds a case of beer better than a Kuzminskas Koozie. (Original pic here)


With the growing trend toward a fuzzy holder for your beer, Koozie-minskas Inc. (as we can expect it to be called) will be primed for high sales volume.

Run with this,¬†Mindaugas. It’s all yours.