Celebrate National Coffee Day With Odell Beckham Jr

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

For java drinkers everywhere, National Coffee Day is like Christmas. Eager drinkers can find free/low-cost cups almost anywhere (seriously), Jaromir Jagr is undoubtedly downing 10+ mugs as per usual, Kobe Bryant is dunking dougnuts, and Odell Beckham is carrying a bag of original blend coffee beans..

Odell Beckham Jr. coffee day meme. (Pic: http://ryan.hasaportfolio.com/)
Odell Beckham Jr.’s coffee thoughts. (Pic: Ryan Fishman)

Naturally most sports/NFL fans are still stuck on OBJ slamming his helmet against the kicking net, loudly dancing up and down the sideline, and screaming at nobody in particular during this past week’s disappointing loss to the Redskins. The emotion mostly came from being matched against rival cornerback Josh Norman for the first time since last year’s disastrously violent confrontation.

But what people are forgetting is that this isn’t the first time coffee has created a monster. Not to say we’re blaming coffee here (I routinely down three espressos prior to noon), but let’s remember Will Ferrel’s mental crumble in Kicking & Screaming..

It’s been called a vascular constrictor, but others consider it a lifeline. All in all, a half caff (half caffeine, half not) is just not the right move. Go hard or go home. If you’re not first, you’re last. One more generic motivational quote.