Nerlens Noel and Philadelphia 76ers Fade to Blackstreet

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

There is something seriously wrong with the Philadelphia 76ers. Having just traded Michael Carter-Williams, Sam Hinkie must ask himself – is it all just about picks and the next group?

Nerlens Noel No Diggity meme.
Nerlens Noel fades to Blackstreet.

I get that they’re constantly rebuilding and have evidently yet to find that stud who can hoist them back to the top of the dreadful Eastern Conference food chain. But how many times must you recycle and go through the same lacking process?

MCW seemed a solid start. A point guard to START – I stress start – the process of climbing back to relevance.

Screw the draft. Single-digit percentages seem to be successful, so when a team finds a solid guy my gut would say hold on to him. But it seems Philly has another goal in mind.. to be the ultimate rebuild.

If the top of the NBA Draft is their goal, by all means carry on. If not, maybe it’s time for accumulation mode.

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