New York Giants are Straight Outta Tom Coughlin

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Well Tom Coughlin, thanks for two of the greatest days of this guy’s life with those Super Bowls. You fully deserve the Hall of Fame spot coming your way.

That being said, resignation was the right thing for our aging head coach to do – his firing an inevitability New York has been fully prepared for. The New York Giants roster is virtually talentless at this point, so it’s probably best for Big Blue to just blow it up and start over with a new regime. ‪Bill Cowher anyone?

Truthfully I don’t believe Cowher will ever leave CBS. Most bets are on either Adam Gase or Josh McDaniels, though if we get McDaniels I may have to consider Seppuku. In other words, if McDaniels is our next head coach I will literally stab myself in the gut and ask you to follow up by decapitating me..

Though in the same breath, I’m the same guy who through tons of shade on our current Knicks god, Kristaps Porzingis, when his name was called fourth overall at the 2015 NBA Draft – so in reality what the hell do I know?

At the end of the day, despite a slightly inconsistent tenure with the Giants, Coughlin brought home two Lombardi trophies and carved an untouchable big city legacy that only Giants fans can or are willing to truly appreciate. Here we’ve made a sports meme to be used as next year’s fantasy football team avatar in hopes of best commemorating this legend.

Straight Outta Tom Coughlin meme.
New York Giants are straight outta Tom Coughlin.

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