A New York Giants Trade Crazy Enough To Work

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

So my friends and I were talking about a New York Giants trade and what the team will/might need to do this offseason to help turn around this skid mark on their underwear of a season.


We tossed around the idea of drafting a quarterback, but only if that quarterback has ceiling-is-the-roof potential, grades from the scouts, and could be a franchise changer. Personally, I don’t see that out in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Straight Outta Tom Coughlin Giants could go running back; Saquon Barkley is a beast top-5 pick, Bryce Love is having a monster season, and a few more college backs sprinkled in have the potential to be solid NFL running backs. Left Tackle or any offensive line help would be great, because God knows we need that. Oh yeah, and linebackers of course. We just need everything.

But, to stir the pot, I threw out the idea of a blockbuster trade, something that is mega rare in the NFL. Kind of like Eminem coming out with something that isn’t fire rare.

The New York Giants Trade Idea:

New York Giants Receive: Quarterback Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts Receive: Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. + A Draft Pick

Initial reaction was like..


First Coherent Reaction: At first, I found this a stupid and shitty trade idea. Then, we started thinking.


That actually doesn’t sound THAT bad, or does it? Would you do the trade if you were the Colts?


Colts Thoughts: Yes, in a heartbeat, and here’s why. What you would get back in this trade would be of a lot more value then initially thought. You would reserve a No. 1 game changer of a receiver to pair with T.Y. Hilton and Jacoby Brissett, giving the Colts two of the top-10 best receivers in the game right now. Good start for them.

Colts would definitely want a pick, most likely a first rounder. They would then have two very high first rounders, one of which could be used on a stud quarterback if they don’t believe in Brissett long term. Another positive. The Colts would get younger and better if they agreed to this trade, so if I was in the Colts war room I’d pull the trigger.

Giants Thoughts: Honestly, I’d say no. But, there are some aspects where I’d say yes. The Colts are not going to give up Luck straight up for anyone. I think every football fan in the world can agree on that. So the Giants would probably have to throw a pick at them and I bet the Colts would want a first rounder.

Now, let’s just say the Giants do the trade. Andrew Luck is now the Giants signal caller. A quarterback with an already terrible injury history behind that offensive line might land Luck in a permanent body cast for life. Even if you build up that offensive line to protect luck from being put in a body bag, he would still only have maybe 3-4 more good years if healthy. Then, you lose your No. 1 superstar/offensive threat/diva, have no first-round pick (which we desperately need), have no elite wide receivers, and still have a bad front five. Sounds promising (fart noise).

But, on the positive end, the Giants get rid of Beckham’s antics on and off the field and save a metric butt ton of money so they can go out and try to sign another big wideout or two. Only way the Giants pull the trigger is if they swap first round picks pre-draft. Or the Giants ask for more picks since Beckham is the younger talent in this trade.


Or does it? What do you readers and fans think of the New York Giants trade with the Indianapolis Colts. What ways could we spin the trade to make for a more positive outcome for the Giants? Leave comments below.

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