New York Yankees Fans Waiting for Anything

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

After the New York Yankees picked up struggling shortstop Starlin Castro from the Chicago Cubs and traded power lefty Justin Wilson to the Detroit Tigers, Pinstripe fans everywhere are wondering when Brian Cashman is going to make a real move and why he hasn’t been brutalized by the media yet.

“Sign a damn free agent, Brian Cashman,” says one Yankees diehard. “[Castro] is a mediocre talent and doesn’t put us over the edge, but will probably be our biggest move,” says another. Both happen to be the same guy, just at different times of day.

But let’s revisit the Starlin Castro move for a second. Honestly, what’s not to love? The Yankees acquired the 25-year-old for Adam Warren and unspectacular benchman Brendan Ryan, with the intention of hooking Castro up with Didi Gregorius to complete that middle infield.

Shortly after signing Ben Zobrist, the entire MLB world guessed the Cubbies would rid themselves of Castro – their former hot shot at shortstop who was moved to second after a rough, .230-or-so start to last season. Don’t forget the Cubs also have top shortstop prospect Addison Russell waiting in the shadows.

Assuming Adam Warren doesn’t become a star, this trade seems heavily in favor of the Cubs but was a need-for-need trade for each involved squad. That being said, FanGraphs wrote a statistically and financially intriguing piece back in January on why the Cubs should keep Castro..

Per FanGraphs..

New York Yankees Starlin Castro meme.
New York Yankees were happy to take Starlin Castro’s contract.


New York Yankees nicknames for Starlin

Sure salary alone doesn’t promise much nor excuse executing or not executing a move, though it does provide some solid perspective on just how valuable the middle infield is. Now, let’s keep in mind that Castro is now a second baseman. However, something tells me other teams would’ve been happy to stick him at short for more than a test run.

Currently cemented as the Yankees starting second baseman, Castro can now start to come up with some nicknames for himself – before the New York media overuses every single posible nickname and variation of Starlin that they possibly can.

Speaking of Jeremy Lin, journalists may try an old trick on the Dominican infielder. And he’ll react accordingly..


New York Yankees castro meme.
New York Yankees insane to trade for Castro?


That’s right, big guy. Or would you prefer Starlington Road?..



So many options, so little time! Well I’ll tell you what – Lin won’t mind either way now that he’s working on his of-course-he-did man bun. Yet again Lin finds a way to keep himself relevant and flooding social media channels..

Breathtaking stuff.