Terry Collins and Roger Sterling as One.

Who Will Be The Next Mets Manager?

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2017)

Rooting for a team that’s seemingly forever cursed forces one to think a lot about the future and the hope it brings. As well as dig through endlessly inaccurate mock drafts featuring athletes who aren’t even born yet. And with the 2017 MLB season crumbling faster than the United States political system, New York Mets fans are brainstorming the next Mets manager.


Terry Collins’ job may be safe for now, but a sub-.500 record is sure to change the sentiment on that front. We’ll take a look at some real options for next Mets manager, with a touch of creativity. This team needs change.. unpredictable change in a different direction.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez may be working as a guest instructor with the New York Yankees, but his advanced baseball mind is getting people fired up about his managing capabilities.

David Wright

Every Mets diehard wants the better half of Duda Wright Thing to return to the hot corner, or the field at all. But given the state of his back and the lessening odds, it might be time to move to the bench. As head honcho.


Robin Ventura

Probably didn’t have a solid shot his first go-round with the White Sox, so let’s bring him back to the Big Apple for a rematch with Nolan Ryan.

Chipper Jones

Oh yes, good old Larry. Guy hit 19 home runs at Shea Stadium (three of which Bobby Jones gave up himself), the most in any non-Atlanta ballpark during his career. He also hit .313 and had 12 steals, never once being thrown out. Oh and for good measure, he named his son Shea. Get him in here.

Paul Lo Duca

Love the guy. Although alleged gambling debts don’t inspire us here.


Edgardo Alfonzo

If they’re going to promote glorified .222 hitter Tim Tebow to New York Mets’ high-A affiliate in Port St. Lucie, they can certainly move up former great Edgardo Alfonzo. A true professional.

Don Wakamatsu

He became the first Asian-American manager in the Major Leagues back in 2008. Now he’s ready to take it up a notch by bringing over the most epic bullpen call ever.

Bobby Valentine

Currently the Athletic Director at Sacred Heart University, former Mets manager Bobby Valentine could certainly make the easy move from Connecticut to New York. We all miss the mustache disguise.


Tony Pena

The current first base coach of the Yankees, Pena led the Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic. Another close-by candidate.

Ozzie Guillen

If anyone can handle New York, it’s this finger-flipping Venezuelan.


Joe McEwing

Leg-kick McEwing, one of the all-time greats. In love, not stats. Super Joe played every position on the diamond during his solid career.

Ron Gardenhire

Former Mets shortstop warming the bench coach spot in Arizona? Bringing his uninspiring 1,068–1,039 managerial record in here is so Mets.

Mookie Wilson

1986 World Series and Bill Buckner’s legs = our favorite memory. Plus, Mookie was our first base coach from 1996-2002 and managed the U.S. Team in the All-Star Futures Game held at Citi Field in 2013. Next Mets manager, why not?

Terry Collins

He was never supposed to last this long, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be back for another season.

Terry Collins and Roger Sterling as One.
Terry Collins and Roger Sterling are One.

Willie Randolph

The ultimate curveball.


Stay tuned for more options to come..

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