NFL Week 11 Viral Social Media Roundup

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

On the last leg of the 11 items or less line, we’ve got 11 NFL weeks in the books folks, which means it’s time for our wacky weekly viral social media recap of the newest insane collection of gridiron performances. But first off, happy thanksgiving to you and yours from Spleaze and Frank the Tank Ntilikina..

You know Shaq’s excited..

If you’re still a kid at heart like yours truly, you’ll feel equally saddened by the official retirement of the entire 2001 Backyard Baseball Roster.


And this guy..

So while the Weather Channel posted footage of the Georgia Dome being imploded, one rude bus decided to crash the party.

The Atlanta Falcons had some fun with it.

Here’s the actual footage.

Last week we saw a seriously shocking quarterback change, from efficient Tyrod Taylor to 5th-round rookie Nathan Peterman. Peterman took the reins and promptly threw an NBA starting lineup amount of interceptions as Gregg Popovich eloquently pointed out..

Here’s the fifth..

Sean McVay is an innovator and a scholar. And probably the Coach of the Year.

In honor of Black Friday.

Love you, Stefon Diggs. One victory at a time.

Klay Thompson is quickly becoming an average-guy icon.

Jalen Ramsey with the money cleats, in definite reference to LeBron James and his mood swings.

So uh, this happened.

And this.. props to Eastern Michigan for the glorious senior-honoring helmets.

Marcus Mariota put up quite the stinker on Sunday with four interceptions. Perhaps it was the Yahoo burn that hurt most.

NBC joined in.

We miss you dearly, Wayne Chrebet.. err Shrekbet.

Clearly JuJu Smith-Schuster is a jersey swap fan.

A model for kickers everywhere.

The snowballing New York Giants actually beat the Kansas City Chiefs TL/DR thanks to this overtime catch by Roger Lewis Jr. David Tyree, Mario Manningham, Roger Lewis for 1-8 Giants? Super Bowl esque?

This flying block kind of was.

Perhaps the most underrated receiver (or player?) in the NFL, Adam Thielen is forcing people to take notice.

Rob Gronkowski is more entertaining off the field these days.

As are some teams when they think they made a play.

This is what Cleveland Browns games have come to..

Big tree fall hard. Come on Jimmy Graham, you’re 6-foot-7.

And of course, #GamePhysics. Thanks Madden.

And thanks for the Madden view.

We end with this glorious fan.

That’ll do it for this week, football fans. Thanks for reading our NFL Week 11 Viral Social Media Roundup. If you’ve got submission of your own, shoot us an email at Please head over to our buddies at 30 Minute Lunchbreak for the freshest NFL Power Rankings and podcasts around!

Featured image credit: @Jaguars (h/t @jalenramsey)

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