NFL Week 12 Viral Social Media Roundup

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Happy post thanksgiving, everyone. Here’s to hoping you shoved stuffing, football, and terrible weird uncle jokes into that gut over the holidays. Meanwhile on the gridiron, Alvin Kamara is a historic rookie sensation, Eli Manning is set to make love to some pine, and Marshawn Lynch is still slinging zingers. What will we see this week?


Thanksgiving Thursday offered fans a trifecta of pigskin Turkey sides, with Detroit at Minnesota, San Diego at Dallas, and New York at Washington for roughly 11 hours of pure, blood pressure-rising football.

Here’s how it went for the Lions..

And Chargers..

And Giants (though Antonio Brown has a thought on that one)..

For what it’s worth, Odell Beckham is keeping his style game strong while he’s out.

In case anyone had forgotten, Julio Jones is still a freak of nature.

And maybe Atlanta has a new signal caller in the wings, after Mohamed Sanu threw one of two Jones touchdowns.

And Leonard Fournette is a hero. These are the gifts we need more of.

Rookie safety Jamal Adams is bringing a scrappy, zero-fuck attitude to New York and the Jets are a changed team as a result. Cam Newton learned that on Sunday, before beating them as predicted.

Adams is also probably angry that the entire NFL is still sleeping on Robby Anderson.

Heads up football play here, but even better baton take by twitter.

Poor Tom Savage and his two-word presser.

Although Houston Texans fans aren’t as sympathetic..

Here’s Mike Leach eating fruit.

So Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree decided to fight again (after Talib ripped off Crabtree’s chain neck last season)..

But wait, there’s more.

And then Marshawn Lynch did a very Marshawn Lynch thing.

So Drew Stanton can’t catch a break.

On the newest episode of Bill Belichick vs. any reporter..

Alvin Kamara though.

Props to Phil Dawson, who’s seemingly 94 years old and drilling game-winning field goals.

Umm. Punters.

Weirdness of the week, courtesy of Zay Jones.

Aaron Rodgers sighting?


Well, this was embarrassing.

Wade Phillips’ sprint looks like when New Yorkers cross the street when it’s a red light and move their arms quickly to make it look like they’re hurrying up when in reality they’re probably moving slower than normal.

Chuck Pagano may be losing it. Or he’s a genius by distracting reporters from asking actual questions.

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Featured image credit: NESN

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