NFL Week 6 Viral Social Media Roundup

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2018)

Ugh, football fans. Only five weeks in and another superstar bites the gridiron dust. After losing J. J. Watt and Odell Beckham Jr. to season-ending injuries last week, fans lost the chance to watch Aaron Rodgers any more this season due to a broken collarbone, which will help segue to our NFL Week 6 Viral Social Media Roundup.

But hey, at least they’ll get to stare at Brett Hundley’s photoshopped mug.

And take endlessly ridiculous questions on whether or not they’ll sign Colin Kaepernick.

The now 3-3 New York Jets got absolutely hosed on one call against the nemesis Patriots. HOSED I tell ya!

Teddy Bridgewater to the rescue?!

Mitch Trubisky making his case for “I’m decent.”

With Adrian Peterson off to Arizona, the Saints can finally focus on Alvin Kamara and his superhuman skill set.

And Detroit Lions corner Darius Slay responded.

The Giants finally showed up, against a most unlikely opponent.

Did I mention Adrian Peterson still has it. A lot of it.

Antonio Brown doing what he does, following another almost pick from elder Ben Roethlisberger.

Ryan Fitzpatrick throws like a grandmother.

Celebration of the week goes to Lions receiver Golden Tate.

Despite a monstrous defensive game (fantasy wise at least), the Saints screwed this one up bad.

This happened.

Malcolm Jenkins can get a room lit.

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Credit: Featuredย photo (NFL week 6 viral social media roundup) courtesy of New York Times.

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