NFL Week 8 Viral Social Media Roundup

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Eight weeks in the books, folks, which means it’s time for our wacky weekly social media recap of the newest insane collection of NFL performances. First we check in on the 40-0 Thursday Night Football drubbing of the Dolphins, courtesy of the rediscovering-their-potential Baltimore Ravens. This was Miami’s second time getting shutout this season, and let’s just say the barely floating ‘Fins didn’t take the beating well..

But on the other hand, at least we had new color commentating gem Tony Romo analyzing the shit out of this field-crossing cat. I know Antonio Brown approves.

That chin money shot. Thanks for the opportunity Bill O’Brien.

Take that, rewind it back, for the fiftieth time.

London had a game for the ages. And by ages, I mean.. the Cleveland Browns.

Halftime lead?!

As always, the fans win the day.

Bill Belichick being typical Bill Belichick, and it’s great.

Not football, but certainly worth a look. Gregg Popovich being a kid is always perfect.

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Gotta love those offensive lineman getting red in the zone. Well done, Michael Deiter.

Let this one sink in a bit.

For the depressed Yankees fans out there.

Marshawn Lynch back with his old high school during his suspension.

Putting Christian McCaffrey’s rushing stats in perspective is painful (2.4 yards per carry). If it wasn’t for his Woodhead-esque receiving ability, he’d be egregiously disappointing for a No. 8 pick. To be fair, Jonathan Stewart is averaging a BARELY better 3.0 yards per rush.

Bonehead play of the week goes to Chargers receiver Travis Benjamin. You earned it, kid.

The ATLANTA FALCONS absolutely slaughtered this weekend’s twitter shit storm with this glorious Gucci Mane + Migos plug.

Looks like No. 4 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky can play a little ball.

Whether you have kids, pets, or basement roaches, this will hit home.


Halloween costume of the year guy.

Or maybe it’s Russell Wilson doing Pete Carroll.

The young, charming, darker skinned, gum chewing @PeteCarroll @SeattleChildrens #HappyHalloween @TraceMe_App

A post shared by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

Steve Smith, my man.

That Ohio State stair though.

Former Jack Doyle fantasy owners after the Colts tight end dropped a 12-121-1 line on the Bengals.

Pray for Bears Tight End Zach Miller. Not only did he need to get emergency vascular surgery to repair the damaged artery in his left leg, but they called it no catch (NSFW video below)! The NFL tried to explain the reasoning here.

Teams a little salty watching Deshaun Watson flourish in Houston?

Le’Veon Bell’s always got time for a quick workout. That’s why he’s the best.

Antonio Brown, on the other hand, may want to hit that bench press a little harder.

Oh, Bills fans. Don’t ever change.

In trade news, Patriots bench-stuck quarterback prospect Jimmy Garoppolo was moved to the 49ers in exchange for a second-round pick (which is what New England spent on him in the 2014 NFL Draft). Here’s what he has to look forward to in San Francisco..

And here’s Kirk Cousins reacting.

After trading for Garappolo, the 49ers released Brian Hoyer. The Aaron Rodgers-less Packers allegedly attempted to grab Hoyer, but Bill Belichick naturally had other ideas..

Can always use a solid Philip Rivers tantrum to brighten up the day.

Shoutout to Bowser (No. 54) for the multi-sport callout. Step aside, Bo Jackson.

Then came a flurry of trades. First, Jay Ajayi to the crowded-backfield Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth-round pick in 2018.

Jimmy to the Niners, Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills for 2018 third-and seventh-round picks, and Marcell Dareus to the Jaguars rounded out the most-recent exchanges.

Then, the trade that DIDN’T happen. The Browns would’ve received AJ McCarron from the Bengals for second and third-round picks.

We’ve clearly come far technologically..

Astoundingly disgusting news of the week is Papa John Schnatter, who can’t make a commercial without his own damn face in it, blaming the NFL for decreased pizza sales. Shit pizza is the result of using Peyton Manning’s forehead as a dough press. The more you know.

And of course, Josh Gordon is going to be reinstated on a conditional basis!

Last, but not least. This guy..

That’ll do it for this week, football fans. Thanks for reading our NFL Week 8 Viral Social Media Roundup. If you’ve got submission of your own, shoot us an email at Please head over to our buddies at 30 Minute Lunchbreak for the freshest NFL Power Rankings and podcasts around!

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