NFL Week 9 Viral Social Media Roundup

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Nine juicy and sporadic weeks in the books, folks, which means it’s time for our wacky weekly social media recap of the newest insane collection of NFL performances. First, let’s get pumped up by 2-6 Hard Knocks reality star Almost Famous Jameis Winston.

Thanks, Jameis. Now we can mindfully check in on a week flooded with season-ending injury news featuring the future of Andrew Luck.

Tony Romo with the subtle yet effective shade toss at Deion Sanders.

Who wasn’t pleased..

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Before we continue with football, a big shoutout to the World Series winning Houston Astros and this beautiful human being, Evan Gattis.

He’s a true inspiration, really a teamwork=dreamwork type of guy. There’s no doubt in my mind that the show of teamwork below was due to the euphoric feelings of “started from the bottom, now we here.”

Now back to the NFL, where tantalizing rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson had been annihilating defenses left and right with no sign of stoppage. As reported last week, a non-contact ACL tear in practice was Watson’s kryptonite. Our thoughts are with you, Deshaun. Now, on to the twitter onslaught.

And of course, Titans fans throw in their thoughts.


LSU product Jarvis Landry has always been a stud receiver (most catches by a wide receiver in his first two seasons in the league with 195), but oh man his blocking effort is unacceptable.

Then came the uninviting matchup between the somehow decent AFC East rival Bills and Jets. To put it mildly, I was pleasantly surprised by this juicy Gang Green outcome.. even before they took over the Internet with their defensive dancing.

(wipes off sweat from forehead)

Time to check in on Aaron Rodgers after a week off (h/t @TheOnion).

Sean McDermott is awesome, by the way.

Did I mention that Kristaps Porzingis is tearing up the NBA?

This guy wins the GOAT award.

Ya gotta love when referees get trucked.

And when they’re unnecessarily dramatic.

And when guys not named Odell Beckham make plays like this.

And when almost-epic hurdles end in misery.

Imagine this joke?

Well, it was turned into reality by the beautifully shitty New York Giants.


Time to check in on AJ Green, who was floating like a butterfly after being stung by a Jalen Ramsey bee. Wrong fight.

“Damn you, Kirk Cousins.” Love, Rob Kelley

Ben McAdoo has single-handedly ruined football. One press conference pretty much sums it up.

Hmm. Cue Larry David.

The Dak Prescott effect is real. Return of the Dak.

Oh and Tyreek Hill is still a freak, especially before the half. This guy is just way too fun to watch.

Marshall Newhouse always wanted to take flight. Check off the bucket list.

But did he love it?

So this..

Led to this..

Led to this..

Marshawn Lynch back from suspension and out here doing things.

Congrats dude.

Don’t mess with Lane Johnson, even if you’re sack extraordinaire Von Miller.

Of course we have to cut to Sammy Sosa. Or, rather, his pink alter ego Slammy Rosa.

A quick side by side comparison of what was there.

Finally, enjoy the worst jump ball in NBA history.

That’ll do it for this week, football fans. Thanks for reading our NFL Week 9 Viral Social Media Roundup. If you’ve got submission of your own, shoot us an email at Please head over to our buddies at 30 Minute Lunchbreak for the freshest NFL Power Rankings and podcasts around!

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