Oakland Raiders fans won't be happy about this.

Oakland Raiders Fans Won’t Take This Lightly

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

Oakland Raiders fans shouldn’t have anything to complain about anymore. Your city hosts the Golden State Warriors, arguably the best two-season team in NBA history outside of Michael Jordan’s ’95-’96 Bulls, and the lovely Napa Valley Wineries. Oh, AND your squad just picked up Bruce Irvin and Sean Smith. Things are looking good in Northern California..

That was until one somehow-Boston fan wiggled his way onto live television by hardcore slamming down his hometown Warriors – seemingly ecstatic over the fact that “his” Celtics (see the sweatshirt) beat his Warriors. He’s surrounded by Raiders fans, he seems to have forgotten.

Sure they may be ditching you for the Silicon Valley premiere, but you’ve had your time – don’t hate yourself for being a Raiders (or Celtics) fan; hate yourself for living in Oakland and putting up with this fan.