Patrick Beverley Hills Meme.

Patrick Beverley Hills, That’s Where I Want To Be

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

After finishing last night’s two-point loss to the San Antonio Spurs with 11 points (4-for-9), 10 rebounds, one assist, a steal and a block, it remains clearer than James Harden’s massive beard that Patrick Beverley is perhaps the most consistent clog on the feisty Houston Rockets – and that includes Harden.


Patrick Beverley Hills Meme. (Pic: <a href="">Ryan Fishman</a>)
Patrick Beverley rolling like a celebrity in his hills. (Pic: Ryan Fishman)

Every season, Beverley finds himself in more and more sports memes. How’d it start, you ask? Well, the year before Beverley made his highly recruited way over to Arkansas for college basketball, childhood favorite Weezer (who hit the scene in 1994) released the 2005 hit song “Beverly Hills” – about, you guessed it, living in Beverly Hills with established celebrities. Not about Patrick, who was a blossoming 17-year-old star at Chicago’s Marshall High School at the time.

A band we once thought was so awesome that they could sing about Pork and Beans and it’d be catchy, Weezer remains iconic for accidentally yet properly highlighting what the future of professional athlete careers and resulting wealth would look like.

Beverley, iconically, seems more low-key – even though he’s a bad, bad man in this highlight..


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