Perry Fewell Remembers New York Giants

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

New York Giants fans certainly remember Perry Fewell metal jacket for defensive coordinating their squad’s epic victory in Super Bowl XLVI. They also remember the Giants finishing the regular season ranked 27th on defense (376.4 yards per game). Somehow they got hot and went on a four-game playoff run that earned them a Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots.

Sure the Giants’ defense ranked seventh in the NFL (310.8 yards per game) the previous year – Fewell’s first with Big Blue. But in 2012, following their 27th ranking and a shocking championship the year before, the team ranked 31st in the NFL. They reached eighth (332.3 yards per game) in 2013, but fell to 29th (375.8 yards per game) in 2014 – also allowing 400 points for just the fifth time in team history.


Perry Fewell Metal Jacket meme.
Perry Fewell metal jacket.


It was apparently time to cut the cord.. Perry Fewell was fired in January.

When the Giants finally fired Perry Fewell, they probably thought they were making a great move; and at the time, it looked like they were right.


The Giants are playing must-win games in early December, with slim (but hopeful) playoff chances; all because the guy who replaced Perry FEWELL – 2008 champion Steve Spagnuolo, by the way – has allowed five opponents to overcome 4th quarter deficits for comeback victories this NFL season. I guess it’s just the players.

Now the Giants are trailing in the division to the WASHINGTON REDSKINS, and are barely maintaining a lead over Matt Cassel and Sam Bradford. Perry can at least direct talentless linebackers to a Super Bowl; maybe he can teach Jason Pierre-Paul to use that club stump of his for good.

But not only do Giants fans remember Perry Fewell Metal Jacket; we remember Larry Fitzgerald as a Minnesota Vikings ball boy..


Perry Fewell Fitz meme.
Perry Fewell may also remember Larry Fitzgerald. Who knows?


And while we’re on the topic of memories and fantastic photographs, let’s remind ourselves of how stylish Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is. Hitting quarterbacks and stealing screens, while wearing a fox hat with actual feet?! Pioneer.


Perry Fewell Von Miller meme.
Perry Fewell needs to improve his hat game to Von Miller levels.

Lastly is a memory from J.J. Redick, that Duke guy who’s actually carved a pretty decent career for himself. With perhaps the oddest interview of 2015, Redick drops a three in this reporter’s face with a confidence that should be admired. It could’ve been a teammate’s doing/dare, but either way Redick’s execution was on point.