Pete Rose is Hustling to the Piano

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

Did he bet on the games, did he not bet on the games? In reality, it’s less about whether Pete Rose bet on baseball and more about whether he bet on himself to inspire, well, himself. Forgive and forget, and then make a sports meme – that’s the true motto.

It seems fitting that we overlap Pete Rose – a legendary, albeit controversial superstar in the historical game of baseball – with Elton John, the revolutionary musician who brought us “Tiny Dancer.” Enough said.

Two icons, both alike in dignity, on the fair diamond.. where we lay our scene. I’d like to believe that these two perform their craft in similarly passionate fashion.

Weird picture, sure, but necessary? Absolutely.

Pete Rose sliding as Elton John.
Pete Rose dives for the piano.

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