Phoenix Suns Spread the Awkward Love

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

I’m not saying the speedy 12-11 Phoenix Suns would take a disturbingly awkward team photo like this, but I am saying that if a team were to do such a thing it would probably be either the Suns or any of the Australian cricket teams from the late 1800s.

2014 Phoenix Suns meme.
2014 Phoenix Suns being awkward.

Goran Dragic has the cheerful grin to compliment any holiday card for Bubbie, so that was an easy choice for the weirdo taking this picture, while 5’9″ feather Isaiah Thomas is always fighting either a torn ankle or a bruised vagina so he’s got plenty of time to pose for the camera. I always loved Thomas’ game, a sub-6-footer maneuvering through big-man traffic like water through a strainer. And then, he was robbed of potential greatness and traded to the point guard-heavy Suns. Where he’d be stuck behind two guys. And rot until he retired..

Though I guess he does look thrilled.

Bledsoe would complete this epic display of team bonding, allowing this to transform from a seemingly normal and hilarious team photo into countless sports memes that attempt to magnify the original photo’s intended meaning. Bledsoe’s subtle smile can only be contained for so long before three grown men grabbing the same ball becomes a team photo for the ages. Well done, gentlemen, you’ve already won.

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