Remembering Randy Moss. (h/t Sole Collector)

Once Randy Moss Threw Up That Hand, It Was Over

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Randy Moss was a lot of things on the NFL football field. The most dangerous receiver ever to play the game, the smoothest on-field fish catcher since the prehistoric Smilodon, and one helluva Lambeau Field mooner..

But while legs, fingers, and an oddly mysterious nature separated the Minnesota Vikings receiver from the pack, it was the raised hand that had defensive backs soiling their pants on cue.

The record books help script one half of his legacy: 13 seasons, 954 receptions, 14,858 yards, 153 touchdowns (note per ESPN: Moss, Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens are the only players to rank in the top five in NFL history in receiving yards, touchdown receptions and 100-yard games). Even more interestingly, the Marshall University-bred haul man finished with 29 touchdowns of at least 50 yards, trailing only Rice’s 36. Those deep touchdowns are where that thrown-up hand made its mark.

Looking at the plethora of Moss accolades – which include being second on the NFL all-time regular season touchdown reception list with 156 – it’s easy to see how much of a football force he was. Yet it was the little intricacies of his game that kept him glued to our NFL-hungry minds. While his passion wasn’t always in line with his otherworldly talent, his overall love for creating the spectacular cemented him on the list of historically renowned artists. Combine his on-field heroism with his off-field generosity (i.e. making Thanksgiving better for 50 local families) and Randy Moss is one model football player.

But back to that hand. We can let DeAngelo Hall take this one..

Let’s watch that again..

His feet, determination, and poker-game approach were unique to the NFL. Defensive backs looked for rhythm and a wide receiver cadence, if you will, that defined the battle and gave hints of what was to come. As Hall so eloquently laid out, Moss was no book and could not be predicted. Unless he was competing with Brandon Bass Pro Shops for best bass catch..

The scariest hand in football history, other than maybe Lawrence Taylor’s from the perspective of Joe Theismann, the Moss tossup had defensive backs hiccuping in fear. Here’s a shot post hand raise. So slight he might as well wink, Moss’s hand raise did more to a football game than a winter storm. And then he did things like this and really annihilated the art of anticipation..

Never forget the greatest player in Minnesota Vikings history.

Remembering Randy Moss. (h/t Sole Collector)
Remembering Randy Moss. (Photo h/t Sole Collector)

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