Of Course Ray Allen is Considering Return to NBA With the Warriors

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

In hopes of turning the already lethal Golden State Warriors into the NBA’s version of the Avengers, two-time NBA champion Ray Allen is Chris Mulling a return to the NBA in search of his third ring.

Sports meme of Ray Allen on the cover of the film "Ray" about Ray Charles.
Ray Allen remains a man on a championship mission.

Allen, about to turn 41, has reportedly shown interest in the Cavaliers, Clippers and Spurs in search of that last ring.

Already a ten-time NBA All-Star with two NBA championships to his name, Allen is evidently thirsting for that last piece of hardware. An Olympic gold medal with the 2000 United States men’s basketball team would never have been enough, though I would’ve thought his lead role in the 1998 Spike Lee film He Got Game would have been.


It seems like Allen has turned into the chasiest of ring chasers and the Warriors are appropriately suckling at the teet. Though I may be saying that mostly for his immediate move to Miami to win with LeBron in 2013, not so much the Big Three Boston festival in which he was an integral asset.

But back to the home of the super-team, Dub Nation. David West and Zaza Pachulia have already signed at a discount for that ring chance, so might as well keep bringing the elders on board.

When Golden State does add Ray Allen, because of course they fucking will, almost all three-point records in NBA history will be on one team.