In Case You Forgot What Ray Lewis Thinks of Jamie Collins

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2017)

Listen Ray, just because a man enjoys himself some video games doesn’t mean he’s a traitor to the sport of football. Let’s be real here, some of those televised games fucking BLOW. Sorry Ray Lewis, but nobody wants to watch Rams-Eagles; two sorry ass non-playoff bound teams is not as entertaining as a good round of psychosis and mayhem in Grand Theft Auto, or better yet, Red Dead Redemption.

Same goes for blowouts. What in god’s name is the point of watching the Cleveland Browns play the Pittsburgh Steelers? To watch Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell get 100 points for someone else’s fantasy team? Sorry, I’d rather blow up 100 aliens in the same span of time. Nobody’s out here asking you why you like dancing more than football, so why can’t Jamie Collins play a little Xbox?


Dude’s out there banging bodies for 17 weeks, watching film at work all day, practicing at work all day. In his off time, if he’d rather get his FIFA on than listen to you ramble about team spirit or watch Sam Bradford throw seven interceptions, can you really blame him?

Furthermore, he may have truly preferred football to video games back when he was a Patriot, but can you imagine going to bed as a starting middle linebacker for New England and waking up with Robert Griffin III as your quarterback?

You’d probably start to hate football too, Ray Lewis. Strike that, you’d probably just grab that leftover bottle of deer antler spray and smash a door.