Ryan Brothers Take up Acting as Big Lebowski Stunt Doubles

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2017)

The Dude is a generational icon, sure, but the real question here is do the Rob and Rex Ryan brothers drink White Russians? Something tells me they’re PBR guys – enjoying lawn chairs and shirts made of the American flag. But maybe they’re Corona bros, excited for a trip to the beach and salsa-ing with old pals. Who knows.


Ryan Brothers in the Big Lebowski.
The Ryan Brothers might as well be Big Lebowski stunt doubles.


Twins until the end, these two sassy weirdos will always headline the NFL’s wacky underbelly – add a sliver of humor to situations that mostly don’t call for it.

Let’s eat a god damn snack is something that will forever drive my excessive trips to the kitchen cupboard to grab a fucking snack. And as Rob Ryan can tell you, it’s never a mistake.

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