Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Beard Steals The Show

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Thursday night was tough for Jets fans everywhere; like “they gave me lentil soup, but I asked for split pea” tough. Yet amidst Rex Ryan’s field-stomping, saliva-sprewing-everywhere fest – typical, of course – was a moment of pure endearment featuring two loving teammates, Harvard grad Fitzpatrick and former NFL recluse Brandon Marshall (though mostly Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard). It was magical, watching these two in a moment of pure euphoria while their team’s world crashed and burned behind them. A lesson to be learned by these true professionals. Bravo on the Brandon Marshall tug. And bravo on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard.


But apparently Marshall’s clear affinity for Hagrid or Action Bronson beards isn’t something new, as the talented wideout was seen sporting one of his own back in his Chicago days..

Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard laughs in the face of Brandon Marshall's attempt.
Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard laughs in the face of Brandon Marshall’s attempt.

And fail, mightily.