These screaming European basketball fans will reignite your Monday afternoon

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

It was the best of tips, it was the worst of tips. It doesn’t really matter, considering this simmering Greek crowd was ready to boil on impact. Soccer (or futbol for you screaming European basketball fans out there) fans at a basketball game is an occurrence we’ve rarely seen, but one we wish we had closer to our fingertips than a Carmel Limo commercial. It’s something we crave, like the ability to instantly learn martial arts..




While created in 2011, this screaming European basketball fans-headlined performance remains permanently carved in our minds (tipoff at 1:47 if you’re in a rush).

Brilliance from this ferocious crowd, this type of activity is actually fairly routine in Greece – though not sure you’d necessarily see the same fire at most other European basketball games. Something tells me this one was special.

This is also not the first time we’ve been flabbergasted by a European basketball crowd, in a good way. This lovely couple, seen filming the crowd performance, appears inspired by what they see.

Take notes, Adam Silver. It might be time to start handing out bags of confetti at the front gate.

h/t likedatyall