Sports Memes: An Artistically Hilarious Evolution

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

The evolution of sports memes has taken the world by storm with fans and pundits everywhere looking to start that next hilarious online trend. Antonio Brown karate kicking a punter, Michael Jordan’s crying face, pretty much anyone dabbing; you name it, there’s a meme.

The juiciest creations are the ones that act outside of the box, such as digital collages that combine several pictures and memes together to paint a glorious picture of mayhem – like the Extraterrestrial Rajon Rondo meme shown above and it’s connection between childhood and reality. Or typical acts of athleticism and victory turned into routine life activities.

Kicking it up another notch are the animated memes that make a joke story come to life, such as Andy Reid smashing through a nonexistent brick wall as the Kool-Aid guy.


Or Cam Newton running for his life with a toothpaste-laced smile.


But what is it about these fictional and obtuse, sometimes animated images that keep us endlessly and belligerently intrigued and scrolling down for more? Perhaps it’s the creativity behind taking a routine sporting occurrence and turning it into an explosive piece of art that tells a behind-the-scenes story, or maybe it’s the obtusity behind taking a rare athletic feat and artistically molding it into an iconic melting pot of 1990s pop culture. The opportunities are limitless, and the yearning for production never ending.

In a world where timing, creativity, and (again) timing reign supreme, it’s imperative that, to set the next trend, one clings to his couch every second of every sports game to ensure the collection of that perfect freeze frame at that precise moment when a meme is necessary. It’s a waiting game that finally pays off when that perfect meme is triggered.

But, as Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox once said..


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