Steve Smith Sr. returning to Ravens in 2016

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

Tough as nails, chatty, fearless, stylish and a family man – what’s not to love about 5’9″ future hall-of-fame receiver Steve Smith Sr.? Nothing, which is why everyone in the NFL not fielding a cornerback position is head over heels for the gritty Ravens, and longtime Panthers, legend.

But when the 36-year-old Smith announced in training camp that he would retire after the 2015 NFL season, a chunk of heart was removed from the NFL – a feeling chunk rather than the literal removal of a part of the league. Of course in narrative-like fashion, Smith suffered endured a season-ending Achilles injury in Week 8 that seemingly marked its own end to Smith’s passionate football journey.

A tad more than eight weeks later and Smith has tweeted a much-needed update..

Steve Smith's twitter.
Steve Smith updating his fans.

Smith ranks No. 11 on the NFL’s all-time receiving list with 13,392 yards and will look to pass James Lofton (14,004) and potentially Andre Johnson (14,054) next season. But better than any broken records are his sound bits, caught in artistic fashion..

And his fights, which always make us smile..