Terrell Suggs + Rock Bros in the Building

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

It’s only a matter of time before Ball So Hard University graduate Terrell Suggs finds his way onto a generation-defining album cover. He’s got the toughness of a bull and the media savvy of a 1920s reporter, what’s not to love? And with 12 years of experience annihilating 300 pounds of muscular lard over and over and inheriting ubiquitous fan love, Suggs is sure to find promoting EPs an easy transition.


Funny Terrell Suggs pic.
Terrell Suggs balling so hard.


As if he’s not always swagged out, here Terrell Suggs gets to enjoy a colorful change – being transfixed in a sports meme of musical greatness and hope. Hope that one day the rabid linebacker can find his zen place and pick apart the intricacies of life through visual or verbal art. I’m not saying he needs to rap or write in a diary – but instead to carry on the passionate gridiron display into his future endeavors. In other words, time to rename the album Terrellican Gangster. Get the man a mic – Wes Welker just sent a challenge.

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