The Sopranos: Questioning The Davey Scatino Story

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2017)

One of the things that made the Sopranos such a fantastic show was the attention to detail. All these little moments where the crew chose the perfect costumes, or the director had a background character doing something subtle yet dramatic, contribute to the show’s legendary status in pop culture and re-watchability. But buried within was the strange story of Davey Scatino.

There is a significant problem in the second season, with the story arc of Scatino, that we feel needs to be addressed. It seems the show runners glossed over a significant detail in that story; a detail which, if they addressed it, may have negated the storyline entirely, or at least changed it to make more sense.




Tony and Artie Bucco’s high school friend Davey Scatino was the owner of a sporting goods store in the show called Ramsey Sports and Outdoors – he was also an incredibly degenerate gambler. This man was in debt $8,000 to Richie Aprile, from Richie fronting poker money to him – and in an attempt to pay him back, Davey wormed his way into Tony Soprano’s executive game and quickly became indebted to Tony for $45,000.

Now owing a pair of ruthless gangsters $53,000, Davey found himself backed into a corner, leading to the infamous “bust out” of his sporting goods store. Richie and Tony ran up huge orders of product on his store credit lines that they could sell on the street for pure profit to make their money back.



This of course results in game over for Davey’s business, as his creditors come to shut him down and he gets threatened with charges and lawsuits.

This is where I get confused. The mob was buying product with his credit to sell for profit….so why didn’t Davey just offer Tony and Richie $53,000 worth of goods from his store? You mean to tell me he didn’t have at LEAST $53,000 of product in stock? Look at the size of the store for starters..


View of Davey Scatino's store in the Sopranos.
View of Davey Scatino’s store.


Picture of Davey Scatino's store.
Davey Scatino’s store before the action.


How much is that Kayak worth to Tony? $1,000? What about these ROWS and ROWS of unopened sneakers?


Davey Scatino's shoe collection.
Davey Scatino’s shoe collection.


The smart thing to do for ol’ Davey Scatino would have been to placate Richie and Tony with enough product to cover his debt, and then start fresh. He could have spent that same amount of money on his credit to restock his store and actually try to make a little money himself out of the situation, rather than just fold like a pathetic sack of shit.

There’s just no way I’ll believe that this sporting goods store didn’t contain enough product to settle his debts. I also believe Tony and Richie would have respected him far more for offering that up to them, rather than implicating them in a bust-out.


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