Tim Tebow Mets Jerseys Should’ve Looked Like This

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2017)

By now you know that the Mets have signed former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow to a minor league contract. It’s a fairly low-risk addition (unless you work in public relations), as minor league contracts cost teams very little when it’s all said and done. Tebow not having played baseball since high school didn’t stop teams from salivating over the 29-year-old’s personality and Loch Ness Monster-esque potential.

After a mixed-review workout for MLB scouts, ESPN naturally/hilariously compared Tebow’s contact rate in the workout to the contact rates of real major league players. This only further confirmed the excruciatingly frustrating downfall of ESPN.

Tim Tebow jersey meme.
Tim Tebow jerseys, optimized for potential.

According to Darren Rovell, his jersey is already a top MLB seller even though the Mets’ real No. 15 is poor old (young) Matt Reynolds..

This weekend, products with Tebow’s name and jersey No. 15 started appearing on the New York Mets’ online shop. Based on jerseys sold Monday, Tebow’s was shown as the No. 1 best-seller on Fanatics and MLB’s online shop, ahead of stars such as David Ortiz and Kris Bryant.

Teams usually are not allowed to use a player’s name or image until he makes the 40-man major league roster, as those players are not considered part of the union. But sources said Tebow signed a bridge agreement with the official jersey supplier Majestic Athletic last week, which allows the company to merchandise him before he makes the majors.

Cody Decker tweet about Tim Tebow.
Cody Decker with the Tim Tebow burn.

Can Tebow achieve his dream of hitting a Major League fastball? On the Quadruple-A New York Mets, anything is possible.