Sports meme of Tom Savage holding up a photo of Deshaun Watson.

Texans’ Tom Savage Gives Birth To Deshaun Watson

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

You may have seen Week 1 right-arm disaster Tom Savage in the news for comments his agent made about the Houston Texans’ decision to bench their “starting” quarterback after only two quarters of putrid performance during which Savage dropped back 21 times, hit seven of 13 passes for a whopping 62 yards, and got sacked six times. A week later, first-round Clemson rookie Deshaun Watson was naturally being given the Week 2 pigskin and the future keys to the Texans. And after he did the below last night against the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s likely Watson’s backup never sniffs the Houston field again.

But let’s rewind the clock and set the contextual scene here, so we fully understand how Tom Savage found his way under Houston’s center..

Enter the 2016 offseason. The quarterback-desperate Texans, scraping for pigskin-slinging talent to lead their beleaguered offense, pull the trigger on Denver Broncos one-hit wonder Brock Osweiler to the tune of a four-year, $72 million deal. Osweiler shockingly, yet kind of expectedly then shits the starting bed so badly that the Texans’ top offseason priority becomes ridding the team of this 6-foot-7 waste of cash. They’d eventually trade him to the Cleveland Browns with a second-round tax — confirming they were willing to let go of an actually valuable second-round NFL Draft position just to rid themselves of Brock. Fast forward to September of 2017 and Brock is back in Denver, riding the pine behind 2015 seventh-round pick Trevor Siemian. Call it six degrees of Kevin Bacon, if you will.

Back to the Texans, who then had to replace Osweiler. With the 12th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, having already passed on a bevy of unspectacular veteran free agent quarterbacks, Houston drafts Clemson star Deshaun Watson. The idea was to give Tom Savage (a fourth round pick in the 2014 Draft) the starting load duties while Watson developed on the bench — despite the reality that Savage had ridden the Texans’ bench for three seasons with little experience or acumen.

While the stats are nauseating, it was the visual pain of watching this all-around team performance from Houston in the first half of Week 1 against Jacksonville that had viewers asking why. The line was bad, receivers dropped passes, and Savage tiptoed in his Jawwdinz with less precision than Ace Ventura in Pet Detective.

Seriously, congratulations on Tom Savage and the actual birth of his daughter Summer Rose Savage. For sports meme purposes, we had to mix up the following photo.

Sports meme of Tom Savage holding up a photo of Deshaun Watson.
Tom Savage expected a newborn, but not Deshaun Watson. (h/t @TomSavage03)

We still love you, Tom.

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