Top 2017 NFL Catch Of The Year Candidates

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Knee deep in a gridiron pit of sopping shutout, DeAndre Hopkins decided to please the few remaining viewers of last night’s Pittsburgh Steelers mashing of the Houston Texans with a one-handed juggling touchdown that only further cemented the No. 3 ranked receiver as the somehow still underrated superhero he truly is. And it had us questioning the top 2017 NFL catch of the year candidates.

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans, Week 16

In a Christmas Day game that featured nauseatingly awful quarterback play from T.J. Yates and undrafted practice squader Taylor Heinicke, semi-new pieces in the shitshow of Houston signal calling post Deshaun Watson ACL tear, Hopkins grabbed the baton and sprinted for the finish line of pride.

But while we appreciate the visual masterpiece painted by the former Clemson star, we’re left wondering where the catch sits in the three-deep basket of NFL catch of the year candidates. First (in a 40-17 victory over the Tennessee Titans in Week 11) was the league’s less-than-silent killer, Antonio Brown, who despite last week’s injury still leads the NFL by nearly 200 yards with 1,533 receiving yards (Julio Jones is second with 1,364). His David Tyree helmet catch remix was smoother than FM 101.9.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 11

And again, in slow-mo..

But enough with the stud receivers. What about the little guys? Cole Beasley (he owns a whopping 36 catches for 314 yards this season) had a cap to throw into the bucket of otherworldly receptions in Week 1 against the New York Giants. Early fourth quarter, third-and-six, NFC East tones ready to be set. Enter two percent milk.

Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys, Week 1

And if Cole gets some shine, so does 6-foot-3 undrafted Washington Redskins catchman Maurice Harris, who saw his play be ruled out of bounds before further review turned it over. That was the first career NFL touchdown for Harris, who is also the cousin and former high school and college teammate of San Diego Chargers receiving Picasso Keenan Allen.

Maurice Harris, Washington Redskins, Week 10

Harris has 0 touchdowns and only two catches since then, but he’s made his mark.

College Football COY, Jaleel Scott

Jaleel Scott already has scouts salivating about the 2018 NFL Draft, where the 6-foot-6 New Mexico receiver can climb the charts faster than bitcoin. One-hand catch connoisseur Odell Beckham Jr. would be proud.

High School Football COY, Trill Williams

Syracuse football recruit Trill Williams has no doubters after filling up the highlight reel with this championship catch. Look for him on the front cover of Orange magazines next season.

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