Victor Oladipo’s name offers him endless career opportunities

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2017)

Victor Oladipo is just a happy guy. The NBA expects Thursday’s game in London to “boost overseas interest” mightily, but that’s not what has the Orlando youngin jumping around with House of Pain more than usual. Per

“It’ll be a new experience for me, just like in Brazil. I discovered to have some relatives in England, so I think it’ll be great for me to go there. I also wanna see the places where they filmed Harry Potter, I’m a big-fan of the series and it’ll be interesting to see those places in real life.”

But while that’s all great, Oladipo’s interest in wizardry has taken a distant backseat to his team’s currently average state. Orlando fans everywhere continue to wonder – what role should Victor Oladipo even play? Entering this season, the 2013 second-overall pick was seen as a cornerstone player; a budding rose of potential set to become the next great NBA shooting guard. That was before inconsistency relegated him to the bench (before an Elfrid Payton injury propelled Depot back into the starting lineup – where he actually shined).

Victor Oladipo meme
Victor Oladipo offers the perfect name for a newly named big store.. (big thanks to The Home Depot and for the original background pic)

Not for nothing, but Victor Oladipo has taken all changes in stride – particularly his reserve role duties, which are never easy for a young guy with serious ball skills.

Clock’s still clicking Victory, but we’ve still got faith in your abilities to sing and then promptly shatter rims..