Warriors’ Home Winning Streak Ends

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

The longest home winning streak in NBA history came to a screeching halt at 54 games last night as the Golden State Warriors fell to the relentless Boston Celtics, 109-106. On paper, Isaiah Thomas scored 22 points for the Celtics and usual sniper Stephen Curry dropped 29 for Golden State then somehow missed a deep three to tie the game with 5.3 seconds left.

But away from the box scores lay the true glory. First was the final-moment Isaiah Thomas layup to put Boston up three with 8.3 seconds left..

Then came Draymond Green somehow decimating Marcus Smart on the final play in what looked like a typical ‘Draymond Green is everywhere destroying unsuspecting opponents constantly’ play..

Last, but most gloriously, came one fan perfectly highlighting the strange feelings that soon permeated Oracle Arena after the loss. Something tells me he feels something the rest of us (mostly deprived Knicks fans) could never understand..


Look I’ve seen my fair share of amazing fan reactions and videos – there was that hilariously depressing Minnesota Vikings fan reaction compilation when Blair Walsh missed a chip shot in the Vikings-Seahawks NFC wild-card game and of course any Buffalo Bills fan tailgate you can find footage of. But something about this open-mouth fan in particular has me appreciating just how weird last night was.

The 68-8 Warriors need to win five of their last six games to break the 1995-96 Bulls’ record of 72 wins.