Worst Umpire Call You’ve Ever Seen Just Took A Back Seat To This One

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

Former renowned Major League Baseball umpire Jim Joyce will forever get shit for a ‘that was the worst umpire call’ that ruined Armando Galarraga’s near-perfect game in June of 2010, despite a 30-year legacy stuffed with countless quality calls. Now he can smile just a bit knowing that other umpires struggle way more in the heat of significantly less-crowded moments. Enter one unknown Alabama softball umpire.



Now, I’ve seen my fair share of atrocious calls (see Colorado’s fifth down), but this one is just beyond belligerent – literally the worst umpire call I’ve seen. Oftentimes viewers didn’t believe worse was possible, until this umpire metaphorically said “Hold my beer.” Some may say she was out of the batter’s box, but the home plate umpire would make that call – not the oblivious statue thinking about the chicken parmesan he’s going to reheat after the game at first base.




North Jefferson News has the detailed scoop.

Fultondale sophomore Lindsey Harris was in no hurry to get off the bag. She believed, after all, she had every right to be standing on first base in the bottom of the fifth inning on Thursday night in Adamsville. Harris had just legged out an infield single in a road game at Minor when an umpire made a rather questionable call.

Harris stayed planted on first while Fultondale head softball coach Kristen McGrath argued her case with the umpire. According to Wildcat senior Kayla Jasper, who posted the video to Twitter, the umpire eventually ordered Harris back to the dugout, saying “Get off the bag so we can play ball.” As of Friday night, Jasper’s post had over 3,000 retweets. Fultondale did go on to beat Minor 19-8, but not without a little drama. “We didn’t play our best, but it felt even better to win because of that umpire. He just wanted to go home,” said Jasper.

“Worst call I’ve ever seen” now has new meaning as we’ve seen perhaps the actual worst call we’ve ever seen. Mind blown.

Fultondale High School, you are legends. Alabama umpire? Not so much.

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